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We’re creating an awesome mosaic! It will take a few minutes or a little more...

We’re creating an awesome mosaic! It will take a few minutes or a little more — relax, have a cup of coffee while our smart algorithms do all the heavy lifting for you. 

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Step 2: Add Main/Big Picture

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Step 3: Add Tile/Small Pictures

Add Tile Pictures
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Step 4: Settings





Step 5: Generate & Download Mosaic

Frequently Asked Questions

Quick start video What is a photo mosaic?

Frequently Asked Questions: Online Photo Mosaic Maker

How to use the online mosaic maker? [back to online mosaic maker]

The following short video will demonstrate how to use the PicMyna online mosaic maker to create high-quality mosaics:

What is a Photo Mosaic? [back to online mosaic maker]

A photo mosaic is a picture of pictures! The following video will explain this by example:

I want to add many more tile pictures and create larger mosaic sizes; how can I do that? [back to online mosaic maker]

If you're looking to use more tile pictures, create larger mosaic sizes, and want complete control over your mosaic design, check out our photo mosaic software — TurboMosaic.