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Here's a sample photo collage:

Sample photo collage

Steps to use the collage maker:

Placeholder Picture

1. Select some of your best photos to use in the collage and add them to photo collage maker above. You can add as many as 40 pictures.

Want to make a collage with more than 40 pictures? Here's how to make a collage with a large number of pictures.

2. Select a size for your photo collage depending on the space where you plan to put it. It can be a small 4 X 6 photo for your office table, large 20 X 30 photo to hang on your living room wall, or one of the many sizes available. 

3. You can also select from one of the available social network photo sizes such as Facebook cover, Instagram, or Pinterest. 

4. Select Landscape or Portrait orientation for your photo collage.

5. Once you have added photos and selected a size, you can re-generate the photo layout a few times to get a good arrangement. PicMyna photo collage maker has an incredibly smart photo layout algorithm that comes up with a unique arrangement every time you re-generate a photo layout.

6. When you are happy with the photo layout, download a JPG image. We provide a 14 day, no questions asked, full money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied!

The paid JPG image downloads are not pasted with watermarks.

7. Print your downloaded JPG photo using one of the online printing services such as Snapfish, Costco Photocenter, your local print shop, or your home printer.

8. Hang your collage photo in your home and show off to your friends!